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About DesiWe all want to be happy and content, having fun and leading the exciting life we have always dreamed about and that everyone else seems to have. Unfortunately real life doesn’t seem to be like that, and we learn that it can be stressful, difficult, painful and full of disappointments and compromises. There can be happy times, but also many ups and downs that we didn’t expect or plan for.  Stuff happens that we believe we have little control over, and that continues to affect us for a long time afterwards. Our physical and mental health can suffer, and we may find that we develop anxiety and depression that in themselves, limit our ability to enjoy our lives, even the little things.

So how do we let go of our stress and anxiety? How can we make simple changes so we can finally be free of emotional, mental and physical anguish?

My name is Desi Karalis Iannella. I am a Psychologist with a special interest in anxiety, developed over the past 14 years during which time I also suffered from debilitating anxiety (and associated depression) that came about from a trauma I experienced in my late 30’s. Unfortunately I didn’t have the training back then to know what was going on, and the help I received from doctors and others wasn’t very helpful.

I created this site to help people like you learn how to reduce your anxiety (and the depression that goes with it) that continues to have a negative impact on your life and/or the lives of those closest to you. To do this I am going to share my own personal experience and add my professional expertise and knowledge to give you the most effective ways that can help you, or those closest to you, regain your health and freedom.

Over the years I have tried many different therapies, strategies, tips and ideas to reduce my often crippling and debilitating anxiety to normal levels and regain my freedom. Through trial and error, and my training as a Psychologist, I have found those that offer the best treatment outcomes, and I will be sharing these on this site.

My journey…

I am 52 years old and have spent the last 14 years going up, down and around in a cycle of moderate to extreme anxiety, where at times I couldn’t even leave my house. Other times I was okay but still living within a pretty tight comfort zone to make sure I didn’t experience any anxiety, or do anything that would tip it over the edge. As you can imagine, or know from experience, this is a very confined and depressing way to live, with very little room to move.

About 12 years ago, and after a very difficult time with agoraphobia and not being able to venture very far from my house in the country, I decided to return to University in the city and complete my Psychology training. Working with my husband Darryl (a counsellor), and returning to University has helped me enormously in understanding the viscious cycle of anxiety (and in my case, post traumatic stress), and how to free myself from it.  I have researched and tried out many different therapies, techniques and ideas surrounding anxiety treatment, and feel very fortunate that some of these have worked for me.

For me health, wellbeing and the freedom to experience life freely is the most important thing that makes life worthwhile, alongside sharing it with people you love that also love you. Gaining freedom from anxiety might be scary, and will involve some work to achieve, but you can create a lifestyle where you are in good mental, emotional and physical health, and where each of these aspects of yourself are in balance and feed into each other, creating a life of lasting peace, fulfillment and freedom. This is what I am dedicated to and what I share on this site.

Connect and get involved

Although I am authoring this site, it is not mine, but belongs to all of us as we go on this journey together.

If I ever say anything that captures your interest, I ask that you get involved within the site. I love to talk about anxiety facts and share information and my journey, and if you have anything interesting that you want to share, such as your own journey and wisdom, or any opinions of any of the content I have created on this site, please join in. I would love your feedback.

If you ever need any feedback or support regarding anxiety and how it is affecting you or those close to you, I will be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below, and make sure you visit this site regularly as I am always updating it with ideas and information from both my personal and professional experience that I think you will find interesting.  I also urge you to connect with a good therapist in your area who can help you if you need face to face assistance.

Thanks for dropping by – I wish you all the best.

Desi Karalis-Iannella

Founder of Become Anxiety Free


email: info@becomeanxietyfree.com

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